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Iron Forge Development offers brand development services for companies looking to improve their visual communication and create a consistent brand story.

Their process includes a brand audit to evaluate the current state of the brand, followed by the creation of a brand positioning statement to define the brand's unique value proposition and target audience.

The final deliverable is a comprehensive brand guideline document that outlines the brand's logo, typography, color palette, imagery, and tone of voice, and provides examples of how the brand should be implemented in different contexts.

This service is suitable for companies without a strong brand, those with just an idea for a brand, companies looking for a refresh on their visual communication, and companies looking to update their image.


What exactly is Branding & how it shapes your company

A branding guideline outlines how your company is presented to the public. It typically includes information on the brand's logo, typography, color palette, imagery, and tone
of voice.

It is essential to help ensure that all your marketing and ommunications tell a consistent story.


Why do we promote Branding & what value does it bring?

A company’s brand is it first opportunity to communicate its core values and unique story to customers and outside stakeholders.

Every brand has a unique voice and message, and out team will help ensure your brand aligns with those.


Who should not
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How do we craft a brand for our clients?

Each client starts with a brand audit.

A brand audit involves evaluating the current state of the brand, including its messaging, visual identity, and customer perceptions.

This can be done through a variety of methods, such as focus groups, surveys, and interviews with customers and stakeholders..

After completing your brand audit we will help you create your brand positioning statement.

A brand positioning statement is a clear, concise statement that defines the brand's unique value proposition and target audience. Developing a brand positioning statement can help you to understand the brand's mission, values, and personality.

The Process

Our designs go a long way. From early concept sketches, through digitalizing process to final results.


What is an outcome of our brand design process

To create the actual brand guideline document, you'll need to organize the information you've gathered and create a clear, easy-to-follow document that can be used as a reference for all team members.

You may also want to include examples of how the brand should be implemented in different contexts, such as in marketing materials, on social media, and in the user interface of your software product..

The Process

We choose to create meaningful designs that tell a story. In a way, brand portraits your company, ideaand story.

The outcome

You always get a series of beautifully crafted images starting with company logo presentation.Logo often includes a mark (signet) and a logotype.

We are advocates of versatile logo designs that works on various media & carriers.


Branding consists of a consistent and matching color theme and fonts. We put together a brand guide for our clients basing on their needs.

It’s flexible, It can be extended upon when the brand needs it.


Structured and easy to follow files that you can share with our contractors.


We make things custom. From logo through color palette, illustrations to 3D renders.


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